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Read 100 Children’s Books With My Son in 6 Months

Success in my job requires a dedication to continuous learning. I want to instill that same love of learning in my children.  We always read, but I wanted to set a tangible goal to measure our progress. I set the bar at an arbitrary number of 100 books in six months with my 2 year old son. The challenge started in February 2010. All books had to meet the following criteria:

  • They had to be read after the challenge started (books we had already read didn’t count)
  • My son had to pick the book (Many trips to the library…)
  • We had to make it through the entire book
  • Each book could only count once (even though most were read numerous times)

We were able to finish a bit ahead of schedule in June 2010. It was a great experience and I am looking forward to doing the same with my daughter as she gets older.

Here is the list:

  1. B is for Bulldozer
  2. Trucks Whiz! Zoom! Rumble!
  3. Dig Dig Digging
  4. Yankee Doodle
  5. Under the Sea
  6. Baby’s Book of Rhymes
  7. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  8. Goodnight, Little Hare
  9. I’m a Big Brother!
  10. The Foot Book
  11. My Mom is Great
  12. ABC
  13. World of cars mini books
  14. My Big Rig
  15. Firebears The Rescue Team
  16. When Papa Snores
  17. First the Egg
  18. Firefighters A to Z
  19. Freight Train
  20. Truck Duck
  21. Arthur’s Teacher Moves in
  22. Timothy and the Strong Pajamas
  23. Jesus Wants Me for a Sun Beam
  24. Hidden Treasures of the Book of Mormon
  25. Owen
  26. Babies
  27. How Do I Love You
  28. Buster Catches a Cold
  29. Arthur’s Baby
  30. Baby’s Book of Nature
  31. The Party
  32. I Can Do It Myself
  33. I Spy At The Zoo
  34. Oh, Bother! Someone’s Fibbing!
  35. My Dad is Great
  36. I Am Confident!
  37. Are You My Mother?
  38. I Can Make Good Choices
  39. City Colors
  40. The Little Engine That Could
  41. Friday My Radio Flyer Flew
  42. I Will Always Love You
  43. Busy Busy City Street
  44. A Rainbow All Around Me
  45. Friends
  46. Here Are My Hands
  47. Puddles
  48. Elmo’s Garden
  49. Sir Arthur to the Rescue
  50. Try It, You’ll Like It!
  51. Arthur’s Birthday
  52. A Silly Snowy Day
  53. Froggy Plays In The Band
  54. May the Best Engine Win!
  55. Pooh and the Dragon
  56. Love You Forever
  57. Time’s Up
  58. Mighty Movers Emergency
  59. Tonka Look Inside Trucks
  60. I want to be a firefighter
  61. Three Little Pigs
  62. Olive the Other Reindeer
  63. No More Water In The Tub
  64. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
  65. The Great Race
  66. Thomas Comes to Breakfast
  67. Roadwork
  68. Graduation Day
  69. Time
  70. If You Take A Mouse To School
  71. The Costume Party
  72. What Time Is It Mr. Crocodile?
  73. Silly Street
  74. Big is Big (and little, little)
  75. Arthur Goes to Camp
  76. Miranda’s Beach Day
  77. Hotshots!
  78. Engine, Engine, Number Nine
  79. This Truck
  80. I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean
  81. Time to Get Dressed
  82. If You Give a Cat a Cupcake
  83. D.W.’S Library Card
  84. Tough Trucks
  85. The Noisy Way to Bed
  86. Those Shoes
  87. Red Sled
  88. Chuck’s Truck
  89. Colors ABC Numbers
  90. There Was an Old Woman That Lived in a Boot
  91. Potty Time
  92. The Trouble With Elephants
  93. The Red Book
  94. Arthur’s Underwear
  95. D.W. Rides Again
  96. Where The Wild Things Are
  97. I’m Mighty!
  98. Be Gentle!
  99. ABC A Slide and Seek Book
  100. Dogs In The Window
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