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25 Tipp-Ex Ad Phrases

Things have been busy and I haven’t had a chance to write up pieces on my hike up Mount Lassen or work I have done to data mine PDF files using C#.  In the mean I wanted to share some more light hearted material about the Tipp-ex ad campaign.

Tipp-Ex partnered with Google to provide an interactive Youtube experience about their white out product. The video starts out “A Hunter Shoots a Bear”. The hunter is scared of shooting the bear and grabs the white out to remove the word “shoots” The user is then able to enter in their own words in place of shoots.  In the list below I have provided 25 phrases that work with the ad.  Feel free to leave your own discoveries as comments.

25 phrases that work with the Tipp-Ex “A Hunter Shoots a Bear” ad campaign

  1. michael jacksons
  2. kills
  3. hugs
  4. fights
  5. plays
  6. catches
  7. calls
  8. shops for
  9. sings with
  10. rewrites
  11. eats
  12. plays sports with
  13. is
  14. farts
  15. waits
  16. high fives
  17. washes
  18. drugs
  19. rides
  20. films
  21. dances with
  22. spies on
  23. paints
  24. cooks
  25. shakes

Here is the ad itself (will take you to Youtube’s site.)


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