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Convert a Walk In Closet Into an Office

During the month of November I have been working full time to create a software title for Android and other mobile devices. My work started on the family computer, which was located in a central place. This worked OK, but I also found my productivity slipping. There was no clear delinieation between work and other times. If the children were crying then I also wasn’t working. I knew I had to do something if I was serious about publishing this software title, but I just didn’t think I had many options in my small townswomen.

My wife and I considered using one of the children’s rooms, but thought it was too much stress on them. I also looked into the possibility of renting a small office space, but that was an entirely different can of worms.  We did not want to pay for a separate set of utility bills not to mention the sheer inconvenience of being stuck in traffic going to and from the office. So we put our heads together and thought some more. Then we thought, what about the closet? It seemed big enough for the desk. We measured and it was. It also had space for books. (I like to have my references handy, saves time). We cleared everything out moved the computer in. It fit perfectly! Plus it had the advantage of being easy to partition so I could have peace and quiet for those times that needed more concentration.

Home office out of a walkin closet

Home office out of a walkin closet

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