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HGTTG[0] = Chapters 1 – 5

Comprehension Questions

  • Chapter 1
    • What do we know about Arthur Dent?
    • What did the council want to do to Arthur’s home? Why?
    • Who is Mr. L. Prosser?
    • How was Arthur notified of the council’s actions?
    • What do we know about Ford Prefect?
    • How did Ford and Arthur get away to the pub?
    • What do Ford and Arthur need to talk about?
  • Chapter 2
    • What does Ford say is about to happen?
    • Why did Ford tip the bar keep so well?
  • Chapter 3
    • What is a Sub-Etha Sens-O-Matic? What does it do?
    • What is Ford’s “largish electronic calculator”?
    • Why did the Vogon ships arrive on Earth?
    • How was earth notified of this action?
  • Chapter 4
    • What is the planet Damogran like?
    • What do we know about Zaphod Beeblebrox?
    • How does Zaphod get to the cliffs from his boat?
    • What is the Heart of Gold?
    • Was the president of the universe pull from his pocket? What did he do with it?
  • Chapter 5
    • What do Vogon’s look like?
    • Who are the Dentrasis?
    • Did earth need to be destroyed?
    • What more have we learned about the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy?
    • What happened to Earth?


  • What “sci-fi” technology mentioned in the book do we see today?
  • The effort put into the Heart of Gold was described as “they had gone to and beyond the furthest limits of physical laws, restructured the fundamental fabric of matter, strained, twisted and broken the laws of possibility and impossibility” What real inventions today were once thought impossible?
  • Ford Prefect said of humans “If they don’t keep on exercising their lips… their brains start working” What role does listening play in everyday life? What role does listening play in creating the future?
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