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Service Project

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Games mentor course includes a service project element.

Our Act of Service will center around the technology theme that we established during our reading and projects. Often the same set of technology can be used to either advance or undermine mankind. As the technologists of tomorrow, it is our privilege and responsibility to ensure that technology is used to help humanity. With this concept in mind, please select acts of service that “use technology to improve and uplift those around you”

Here are a few ways that technology can improve the lives of others. Please do not feel limited to these specific examples. Use these ideas as a launch pad to greatness!

Preserving the Past

  • Help someone scan and catalog all of their old family photos
  • Help someone convert old home movies into a digital format
  • Record the life stories of a grandparent or an elderly person. Prepare a transcript of the recording and share their story with your friends and family
  • Put together a photo slide show set to music for a special event

Connecting People

  • Help an elderly person have a video call with their friends or family.
  • With appropriate approvals, create a website for a school, church or community group.
  • Use the internet and other resources to research about your ancestors and genealogy.
  • Help index historical documents such as tomb stones, census data and ship records.

Improving Lives

  • Use technology in a creative way to teach something to others
  • Work with your family to create a family budget. Track your progress using spread sheets and other technology.
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