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Technology Development Demo

The Technology Development mentor class will end with a demo to local technology professionals.

The demo consists of three parts:

  • Service Project
  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • The Jaalaga Game or Khan Academy

Each group is expected to introduce all members of the group. Each Individual should share their name and grade to help the visiting professionals understand the type of questions to ask. The professionals will be instructed to ask more questions of the older students. All information should be communicated using some type of visual aid.

Service Project

Each individual should briefly describe their act of service that “uses technology to improve and uplift those around you”. Information on each project should be included in the visual aid.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

As a group select one futuristic technology that is described in the book. For this single technology

  • Discuss how the book describes the technology
  • Discuss how similar technology appears in real life today

The discussion on the futuristic technology should be included in your visual aid.

The Jaalaga Game or Khan Academy

For the demo you have the option of working on the Android game or working through the Computer Science material at Khan Academy. The Android game is good because you can easily show your friends, family and future employers what you are working on. Khan Academy is good because the learning occurs in a more guided fashion and you only need a web browser to do the exercises. The demo element for each path has a slightly different demo approach.

The game route requires that you demonstrate on a device how far your group got with the Jaalaga game. Describe some of the things you learned and some of the things you had trouble with. Describe the contributions of each group member to the Game. Include this information in your visual aid.

The Khan Academy route involves explaining some of the code you wrote during the exercises. You should explain how your program(s) function, what they produced and any challenges faced while learning the material. Include this information in your visual aid.

Each group will receive feedback from the professionals on elements of their demo. Overall the demo will be a great opportunity to show what you have done and and network with active professionals in the technology field.

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