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HGTTG[3] = Chapters 16 – 20

Comprehension Questions

  • Chapter 16

    • What planet is the ship orbiting?
    • What did Magratheans manufacture in the past?
    • How is the planet defended?
  • Chapter 17
    • What is the Nutri-Matic
    • What is the recorded message telling the the visitors to do?
    • What were the controls like to manually control the ship?
    • What did Arthur do in response to the pending missile attack?
  • Chapter 18
    • What type of crazy things happened when the improbability drive was turned on again?
    • What happened to the missiles?
  • Chapter 19
    • What escaped from Trillian’s cabin?
    • What new personality did the ship take on?
  • Chapter 20

    • How did the passengers of the Heart of Gold gain access to the inside of the planet?
    • What type of things are in the ship’s medical bay?
    • What happened to Zaphod’s brain?
    • What initials were left for Zaphod to see?
    • What happened when the shutter closed?


  • “The fact may safely be made the subject of suspense since it is of no significance whatsoever” As humans do we sometimes over dramatize things that don’t really matter?
  • Does anything like the Nutri-Matic exist today? What would it take to invest a device as elaborate as described in the book?
  • In the comical fall of the missile turned, whale it is mentioned that the whale was busy naming things. What type of terms have been invented during the 21st century?
  • What role does our subconscious mind play in problem solving? What role do dreams play in the human experience?
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