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HGTTG[4] = Chapters 21 – 25

Comprehension Questions

  • Chapter 21

    • How many suns does Magrathea have?
    • How does Marvin feel about Earth’s beauty?
    • Who did Arthur meet?
  • Chapter 22

    • Is everyone on Magrathea dead?
    • What does Magrathea make?
    • What happens to Marvin?
    • Who is Slartibartfast?
  • Chapter 23

    • What happened to the dolphins?
    • What message did the doplins have for man?
  • Chapter 24

    • How fast was the air car moving?
    • What new personality did the ship take on?
    • What is the hyper space gateway like?
    • Where did Arthur and Slartibartfast travel to?
    • What special planet were the Magratheans making?
    • Who was furious at the Earth’s destruction?
    • Who has been experimenting on the people of earth?
    • How are mice explained?
  • Chapter 25

    • What was the computer like that was built to determine the meaning of the universe?
    • What answer are the programmers asking the computer to determine?
    • Who were the philosophers?
    • What concerns did the philosophers have?
    • What was Deep Thought’s response to their concerns?


  • How is the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy device like Wikipedia?
  • What is the “air car” like?
  • What type of voice interaction do we have with computers today?
  • What is the best (fastest, lowest power, etc.) computer we have today? What about 10 years ago? 20 years ago?
  • A competing super computer was called “Googleplex Star Thinker”, did Google exist when the book was written?
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