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IR[0] = Introduction

Comprehension Questions

  • Who is Susan Calvin?
  • How old is Susan when she is being interviewed?
  • What job did Susan take after getting her Ph.D.?
  • How old is the reporter doing the interview?
  • Who does the reporter work for?
  • Who was Robbie?


  • Speak to a parent, grandparent regarding the passage of time. Ask them how the passage of time has felt. How quickly does one year, five years, 10 years, 25 years pass by?
  • Dr. Calvin told the reporter that he did not remember a world without robots. You live in a time where you may not remember a time without the internet, with out cell phones and other devices. Ask someone older than you what they did before the internet and cell phones.
  • Do robots pose a danger to human jobs?
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