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IR[1] = Robbie

Comprehension Questions

  • Who is Gloria?
  • Who is Robbie?
  • What were Robbie and Gloria playing?
  • What does Robbie like to be told?
  • Who is Mrs. Weston?
  • Who is George Weston?
  • Does Mrs. Weston like Robbie?
  • What was Robbie made for?
  • What is the first law of robotics?
  • Could George Weston hold his ground to keep the robot?
  • What was Robbie replaced with?
  • What happened to Gloria when Robbie wasn’t there?
  • Why does Gloria think they are going to the city?
  • Where did Gloria go in the museum?
  • Who was observing Gloria talk to the robot?
  • What happened to Gloria in the factory?


  • Should robots be banned? If so, under what conditions?
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