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Masters & Puppets by M.M. Anderson

In 1986, Thomas Biorn and Mark Jackson join the U. S. Army and endure basic training. They soon make close friends and grow as soldiers. They arrive in Germany during the end of the cold war. They excel in military life and are chosen for a special assignment that will turn their world upside down. They are soon faced with the decision to risk their lives for freedom or watch helplessly as world events unfold

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2440548_detailRabbit Ears Season 3: Gunfighters on 33rd Street

Howdy ho buckaroos!  Get ready for the wildest film in the wilderness!  When they hear the classic western “Gunfighters” is about to air on channel 62, the entire gang gets into the fun!  There’s a cowgirl/cyborg, a murder in a saloon, a square dance competition, and a new sheriff in town.  And there’s also a movie as well!

In Gunfighters, we’re treated to the story of Brazzos Cain, who decides in the first scene to stop becoming a Gunfighter.  Why is the movie called “Gunfighters,” you ask?  Great question!   We also have a stereotyped Mexican man played by an Asian, an old prospector named Inskip who can give Prospector Pete a run for his money, and two sisters whom nobody can tell apart (even though it’s key to the plot).

So sit back, wrestle up some cow pokes, and enjoy this classic rodeo of a good time!  HeeHaw!



  • 2015 Reno ComicCon (Panelist) “MST3K and the Art of Movie Riffing”
  • 2015 Andevcon (Speaker) Lightning Talks
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