Other Topics

Software Development

  • Debugging Strategies
    • Reduce the Number of Variables
      • Reproduce the Problem on a Different Setup
      • Reproduce the Problem on the Same Setup
      • Identify What Has Changed
      • Identify What is Not the Problem
    • Gather Information
      • Take Notes
      • Collect More Details
      • Draw a Picture
      • Search the Internet
      • Read the Logs
      • Confirm Assumptions
    • Focus
      • Take a Break
      • Don’t be Distracted
      • Make One Change at a Time
    • Involve Others
      • Explain the Problem to Another Person
      • Ask an Expert
      • Ask Your Mother or Grandma
    • Actually Solve the Problem
      • Don’t Stop Until You Can Fully Explain the Problem
      • Prove Your Explanation by Showing it Working and Not Working With a Minimum Change Set
      • Reproduce Your Results On A Different Setup
  • Tools of the Trade


  • Check back soon or send me a suggestion on what you want to see!
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